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Signal Beacon
Signal Beacon
From touch sensor-equipped models to simple models,
Full lineup of 56 mm direct mounted indicator lights
Azure function description


Multi-color model

【Multi-color model】
  • Touch Sensor Type can be selected. Capacitive touch sensors are built into the top of the indicator lights. Touch the illuminated indicator light instead of the switch to send a signal to the host. It can be used by intuitive operations such as inputting the completion of work and calling the manager.
  • The display color can be selected from seven colors depending on the application. The use of easy-to-image colors such as "abnormal" and "working" makes it possible to determine and respond to situations more intuitively.
  • Use a milky lens globe that is easy to distinguish between on and off. The alarm is given by a gentle light that is uniformly illuminated.

  • Single color Model

    【Single color Model】
  • Employs a newly developed reflector that achieves a distinctive way of lighting. Brighter, and informed in a clear light.
  • A screw-less terminal block that can be wired reliably and easily without tightening screws is adopted. Reduces wiring man-hours and errors.

  • Specifications

    Rated voltage【Multi-color mode】12V~24V DC
    【Single color Models】24V DC
    Compliance StandardsEMC Directive (EN 61000-6-4,EN 61000-6-2)
    RoHS Directive (EN 50581)
    UL 508, CSA-C22.2 No. 14
    FCC Part 15 SubpartB Class A
    KC (KN 61000-6-4, KN 61000-6-2)[Multi-color model]
    Protection class【Single color Models】
    ・IP65 / NEMA TYPE 4X, 13
    【Multi-color model】
    ・No buzzer... IP67 / NEMA TYPE 4X, 13
    ・Buzzer present... IP65 / NEMA TYPE 4X, 13 (with forward mounting)

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