Networking Communications

  • Camera
  • Call Center
  • Server
  • Security
  • Printer
24-hour Network Camera Monitoring Automatic Camera Restart
[ Proposal for Improvements ]
When the network camera freezes, the remote power controller used to monitor the port automatically restarts the camera. The PATLITE NH-FV series uses ping monitoring and in the event the camera cannot recover automatically, the NH-FV alerts via visual, audible, and email notifications.

Display the status of the call center
[ Proposal for Improvements ]
By indicating operator's call status with the NH-FV, administrators are able to monitor the situation remotely and in real-time, allowing them to route calls to another call center, mitigating long wait times for multiple call center locations.

Remotely monitor server issues
[ Proposal for Improvements ]
You can immediately notify the operator with visual, audible and/or email alerts. Even without an operator responsible for constantly monitoring the systems, this notification method ensures a quick response for any problems.

Notify receipt of disaster information
[ Proposal for Improvements ]
When a natural disaster alert is received, the NH-FV notifies administrators immediately with visual and audible alerts to ensure prompt response to emergency situations.

Alert for unauthorized operation or an external attack
[ Proposal for Improvements ]
Detect an external attack with UTM, and use the NH-FV series to notify administrators immediately. By noticing as early as possible, you can take measures to improve the safety of servers that handle personal information.

Improve Notification of Emergency Information
[ Proposal for Improvements ]
In additional to visual alert functions, the NH-FV can also play user-specified voice message alerts to specify where the issue is coming from instead of coding multiple locations with lights or sounds.

Improve Efficiency Starting with Printing
[ Proposal for Improvements ]
The NH-FV uses visual and audible notification to alert me when a print job is being sent.I can then confirm receipt of the printed documents by simply pushing a button, which triggers visual and audible notification to the NH-FV Signal Tower at the sender's work site.

Visualize Print Errors on Network Printers
[ Proposal for Improvements ]
Constantly monitor the printer status.Visual and audible notifications when there is a printing error.