Building integrated systems for operation management and monitoring

Wireless Data Acquisition SystemWD Series

System overview
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  • With older equipment, it is difficult to build an integrated operation management and monitoring system.
  • It would require remodeling the equipment so that it is compatible with the monitoring system, which is both costly and time-consuming.

Email alarms

With the WD installed in workstations, supervisors away from the site receive email alerts when maintenance is required.

Operation Management

Automatically calculate and summarize operation logs based on the signal tower's color information (Red, Yellow, Green) using the WD-Z2 on the wireless network. Visualize overburden (Muri), waste (Muda), and inconsistency (Mura) in the manufacturing site. Practical and economical solution for data acquisition and analysis, as well as identifying production bottlenecks.

Device configuration

Interface Converter NBM-D88N Signal Tower LR-Serie Wireless Data Acquisition Syste Transmitter WDT-6M-Z2, WDT-6LR-Z2 Wireless Data Acquisition Syste Receiver WDR-LE-Z2