Visualize Inspection Process Anomalies

MP3 Network Monitoring Signal TowerNH-FV Series

Example system

Missed the anomaly threshold value in the inspection process? NH-FV Series make threshold values for anomaly visible!

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Workers tend to miss alerts on their monitors due to their busy workload or being away from their terminal.
The NH-FV is able to accept commands from the terminal and provides visual and audible alerts to ensure the operator is aware of the threshold anomalies.

Visual and audible notification

MP3 Network Monitoring Signal Tower
NH-FV Series

Sound resonates
With its compact housing, the unique horn structure achieves sound pressure of 88 dB or more (at 1 meter).
Play Sound
Voice message notification
With audio notification, you can communicate information with messages that tell you, What and how that's a problem, and combine with input conditions.

Actively get the equipment status

In addition to PING monitoring, the NH Signal Towers are equipped with an SNMP monitoring function. It actively obtains MIB information from supported SNMP network devices and is able to notify personnel with visual, audible and/or email notifications when changes occur.

Device configuration

MP3 Playback Network Monitoring Signal Tower NH-FV Series