LA6 Improves Display of Robot Status and Safety Guidelines


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In the robot motion display, the signal light or pilot light was the only indication that the power was on.
Visibility is greatly improved by programming all five light segments of the LA6 a single color.
Understanding the status of the device can be done from a distance without having to approach the control monitor.

Remote monitoring of robot operation status and safety improvements

  • With fewer workers on site, the need for clearer visual information as well as safety lighting increases.

New feature! Improvements Using LA6 Signal Tower

Rich expressions, high visibility

21 color display using multi-color LED. Display various status conditions in a variety of colors. [Orange: Servo power ON, White: Teaching, Green: Automatic run] By emitting the same color on all five light segments, visibility is increased.

Count up from when problem occurred to show the elapsed time

Using the LA6 timer function, count up every 5 minutes from when the problem occurred. → You can use this to reinforce the level of priority.

Count down to show the process completion time

Previously, a green light from a signal tower only expressed that it was in operation. Now you can visually identify the remaining time until completion, thus improve productivity.

Device configuration

Signal Tower LA6