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Signal TowerLA6-5DTNWB-POE

Display Operation Cycle Time
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Mirror status of LA6-POE master over LAN connection

Remote notification of core equipment operation cycle time

  • Make visible the operation cycle and changeover time.
  • Build a centralized monitoring display center and make that site responsible for multiple remote facilities.
  • The LA6 conveniently integrates into your facilities' existing LAN infrastructure.Operators are able to mirror status from the LA6-POE master over the network to the LA6-POE slave in the office.
  • Leveraging the existing LAN connection minimizes time and wiring costs.

Device configuration

  1. Synchronize Signal Tower LA6. LA6 master control via PLC I/O contacts
  2. Connect LA6 slaves via LAN lines. Synchronize display with mirroring
Signal Tower LA6-5DTNWB-POE